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  1. Don't understand why people liberate pigeons in sh** weather low cloud cover etc..
  2. Scotty94

    Y/b Strays

    Mines is su21 p 627
  3. Scotty94

    Y/b Strays

    I've got one at Whitby stray centre
  4. Scotty94


    can you send me your details i know the owner and looking for your details. thanks
  5. Can you pass me your details I know who's bird it is. Thanks and I will pass it on to the owner. What's your name please and location? Thanks 

  6. Lost 18 at the weekend 🤦â€â™‚ï¸
  7. 17/39 pentland hill catterick
  8. Keep an eye out for 6 youngsters of mine please. All have telephone rings on.(yellow&pink) Lost Thursday night from Herriot (edinburgh) Su21P 193-blue Su21P 493-blue pied Su21P 499- blue pied Su21P 522- blue W/F Su21P 523 cheq pied GB21 L 01364 cheq. Cheers
  9. Looks bad there, forcast doesn’t show much better until afternoon
  10. Excellent forecast has changed dramatically on the forecast I look it excellent news. All the best everyone
  11. Hopefully get a race forecast isn’t the best
  12. Doesn’t seem to be any letters there
  13. Pentland went to ridsdale should have been sedgefield
  14. Hope not. Thought it would have came back it’s been in Averie a lot. Looks like I’ll just need to purchase a replacement
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