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  1. Pentland Fed East of Scotland Scottish Borders catterick 9.45 Ltd north west wind
  2. Pentland fed & E. O. S. 10.15 Scottish Borders 10.30 Otterburn
  3. Open marking for Billericay Easthouses Anniston Woodbury Bonnyrigg Marking will now be at Arniston Not Easthouses on Friday for Saturday race
  4. No more strays collected will post on here thursdays how many Scottish stray to be collected from NEHU stray centre. Thanks to the two men that got back to me the rest will be liberated at 12 tomorrow
  5. Will take to Auchendinny next week
  6. Easthouses , Pentland Fed Wetherby clocks 2pm 40/43 9/10 7/7 31/32 14/22 17/20 4/18. First race 12/18
  7. Birds at Easthouses club I will meet your transporter on way to race on Friday or on way back on Saturday birds are all ok Fed and watered if you want them before post code EH224ED
  8. 1.SU19NW1853 2.SU20NW2308 3.SU19NW2387 4.SU18F4819 5.SU19NE4044 6.SU20E80 7.SU20AV1803 8.SU20AV1964 9.SU20NW5094 10.SU19P737 11.SU20P6742 12.SU20DF429 THESE BIRDS WERE PICKED UP TODAY AND BROUGHT UP THE ROAD AT A COST OF £40 BIRDS ARE IN ESSTHOUSES CLUB HOUSE AT PRESENT
  9. 1967

    Shu Email

    UNC stray centre has 15 Scottish strays in at present possibly more handed in tonight at marking. Pentland Fed transporter will pick these birds up on way back from Wetherby on Saturday. I'm sure some of these birds have been there for up to three weeks.
  10. 1967


    Any Scottish strays needing a lift up the road Chris Bonnington will be going down to Swainstons on Wednesday if you can get birds to Swainstons yard he will bring them back up the road Well done Chris
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