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  1. your lucky they just sent you tae newmains i know where i would send you :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  2. to be honest it's not viable for the SNFC to own its own transporter john just for 6 races a year
  3. the problem with using geraldy motors is we don't have any we could use for inland racing or for Ypres so if anybody that's gonna put in a proposal tae use them at the next AGM remember it's just for the other channel races that we could manage tae hire them for
  4. you need people who think for the whole of Scotland, not just for their own gains john honest men your kidding me on we all lie tae our woman
  5. Jim Hannah is on here this is one of his rings
  6. we could always gee the secretary mare money
  7. got my list at the loft will check in the morning and let the owner know
  8. tommy bhoys


    good tae see them all go all we need noo is a new secretary to many underhanded things happen in this club
  9. tommy bhoys


    is it just the president that changed them ???
  10. try the sec geordie 07867607677
  11. is the site big enuff for Lanarkshire dinner lady ????
  12. 14298 on web site shows it as a uddingston bird big cammy is on here he will know better
  13. it will be a denny pigeon
  14. tommy bhoys


    the nw never made it tiger been reported again
  15. tommy bhoys


    not everybody is on here john the r pigeon the guy replied on a previous post the other l pigeon is a Lanark pigeon the sec up there still using smoke signals
  16. you know your at a dodgy age
  17. plenty have no peregrines watty remember your on an island if birds don't get a start yer done for
  18. so you won't be going tae France then? NFC stopped going 3 years ago because of peregrines
  19. not been raced from in 3 years del this is fact so someone is telling you lies
  20. i was still at school never started racing till 99 still remember when the peregrines started taking our birds in numbers from the training so my birds won't be going tae guernsey
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