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  1. yes the rarest wild bird will do fine then these bloodthirsty doo gooders and tree huggers might stop locating these bop in our towns and leave them to nest in their natural nest sites
  2. this pigeon is well down will keep for a week then put in stray center
  3. if u need it picked up ricky i can get it the morra night
  4. now the president of Lanarkshire fed is dragging our fed into the same embarrassing hole that the newmains clubs is in shame on you john
  5. peter I thot you had disappeared like the young birds
  6. well I can tell you he does not top the fed and the president has abused his position for his own gain
  7. tell us all why it says newmains after mr elliot name in fed ?????
  8. think you are right we have to change the racing program. start early in the year and race young birds in the winter months and let the bop eat mare wild birds
  9. very poor show by fed president using his position for his own gain by putting the McCrindles down as unaffiliated on fed result. cant have positions when your not affiliated to the fed . ive gt a new spade the newmains club can have the hole keeps getting deeper and stinks
  10. well done the fake winner in 10th place in newmains the McCrindles first 9 and first 3 in fed
  11. remember tae send all them strays back next week
  12. oh the big dinner lady you should know your one of the brothers
  13. must be going for a 8 clock libb
  14. if you go onto windy.com and put in wooler you will see the transporters at wooler as it has a weather cam on this site and has a live feed
  15. the wind suits the east coast this week does not suit me and its my choice tae send my birds
  16. might not send noo andy as wind is getting stronger way the forecast I've seen young birds don't face strong winds and we are at same race point next week
  17. will pick out 5 tae go a west wind here is a tough race but a blow home for the east coast lads
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