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  1. think we need tae take photos of all our injured birds and bombard our MPs way the pics and the national newspapers
  2. only one program works as you know
  3. started keeping small birds as the pigeon sport is on the edge right now
  4. look on page two might be the same guys birds
  5. got another 1000 ets rings if anyone is still looking for them
  6. George it was passed that the young bird training would run for two weeks before first race no matter if it runs at a loss or not .plenty money in bank remember
  7. one for East Wemyss in fife if anyone can help with this yin
  8. hi guys looking tae get a pigeon a lift back tae Basingstoke fae Lanarkshire if anyone can help
  9. should have a 1000 next week pat gees a fone on thurs
  10. report online and you will find out instantly way an email reply
  11. you might see a better race on sat birds should be on-site early sat
  12. if you could get it tae andy miller he can drop it aff tae me and i will get it home
  13. i can gee you a loan of yin
  14. joe the Munster fed is at Mauchline this weekend if you can get it down there. The next race after that is Perth not at hamilton anymore
  15. hi ive got a stray in Bradford will be picking it up on Tuesday along with a few others on my way back if anyone has any reported in this area
  16. we all know you don't have mirrors in the house :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  17. hope your not counting yer pigeons the way you do yer miles :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  18. you better check your distances bridge bhoy
  19. if you look at the webcam you will see the weather in wakefield is not looking good for an early lib
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