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  1. guess it was in the good old days when you were a bhoy
  2. what year are you talking bout then
  3. birds will head tae France, not Britain good old tough race for plodders
  4. guernsey is overpopulated with peregrines that's why 4 lost their lives last year on the island
  5. you will find out it costs too much for the ferry tight as a ducks ass
  6. bout time he got it well done raymond
  7. sorry mate can't find it but will try and track it down for you
  8. i think I've still gt yin will check in the morning
  9. waiting on 7 fae my 81 won two out of 3 clubs wee Pinocchio won the other yin way a couple of good yins the cold win never mattered after all roll on next week
  10. i can see that nose get bigger each week george
  11. a big well done to admin on the new sales rules
  12. wee George got a clock set tonight just tae keep your updated
  13. ended up sending 81 birds tae 3 clubs
  14. i stepped thier food up tonight way some beyers barley
  15. the doctors in the hospitals reckon we will be locked down in June again so enjoy looking at them for another year
  16. remember this could be our only race of the year and I've got to many tae keep for another year
  17. sending every pigeon that's not injured mine are for racing not for looking at. raced the Christmas race before and the temperature was below minus and birds came ok so not worried here
  18. andy have a poll of the members and go way the outcome
  19. andy we don't want the admin tae run the sales just any sales that use this site tae end on site this has its benefits for the site and its members
  20. the admin should make all sales using this site end on-site very simple cmon Archie sort this problem for future sales
  21. he's trying tae work through the red tape still
  22. that would not look gd when we should be racing from kelso george
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