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  1. depends on what u call a monsoon I could see the campsie hills all day had shorts and T-shirt on in sunny Blantyre
  2. The forecast for Sunday is better than today guess it will p*ss of rain noo
  3. when you accept a man as a member you have opened the boundary if it was me i would be taking them tae the cleaners way a share of that club for starters.
  4. only if big andy and john have booked there holidays
  5. sent my whole team of young birds tae Dunbar way south Lanarkshire davy waiting on 3 when i left and won the money for the chinky tonight
  6. post was changed on here andy only person that done it was you tell us why ????
  7. does not work like clockwork watty some clubs are never ready I've seen clubs picked up after 11 at night but your club can ferry in and mark later but i think your fellow members will not do that
  8. it takes 4 hours tae pick Lanarkshire up watty so you want clubs picked up after 12 on a Friday night tae suit you
  9. but if forecast is wrong you get a race watty
  10. davy has moved house maybe phone number has changed as well
  11. think the forecast is poor but you would go Friday for sat worst scenario is a holdover
  12. is there any truth in it that the brothers found out he was a catholic and thats why yours blackballed him ????
  13. Its a new top table newmains club needs. this one is making its members look like bad losers
  14. jamie last year the same club put a letter into the fed because a member of chapelhall club topped the east section on the first young bird race
  15. he's still a paid-up member Callum so newmains will have two firsts each week a fake yin in the club and a real one in the fed as I said very embarrassing
  16. well done barclay . a very embarrassing situation for newmains club tho :emoticon-0179-headbang:
  17. its davy woods pigeon will find out if it made it home
  18. try hamilton town centre I know of at least 5 pairs only things you will see shortly in the sky are predators . you see more roe deer than rabbits now due to the buzzards killing them where will it stop way these bloodthirsty tree huggers and do-gooders wanting tae watch animals getting eaten alive
  19. remember the trophy on my shelf another pigeon man way nae id on his birds
  20. At least its got id on it, not like the rest reported on here
  21. its not yer pc thats corruped bridge bhoy
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