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  1. Get a grip ya clown and stop gloating as if your a know it all your just a fire in fact
  2. I would have 4 applebys for the first 4 races if it was upto me
  3. butch cassidy got two last night a few hours apart good to see themcoming through
  4. could it do with if they didnt go monday and then they would nt been able to tuesday because of the bad weather right across north of england and south of scotland which would ve meant today wouuld have been the first good day but would that have left them struggling to get transport sorted for ypres so is this the reason they went monday ????
  5. would like to think everytime drivers stop for a break and on the crossing thats what id b doin
  6. so have all the races m8 bite the bullet and stop sending east with the snp and send everything on a true line with the big fed and youlll do ok brig boy lol
  7. so u do talk sense sometimes and even wullie semple sending doos on this route as well wits happening over there lol
  8. well done mr iaszlo on timing in its hard enougth getting there with transport lol
  9. has somebody spiked your lemonade with lager bum wipe?
  10. but were racing west tommy u only need to see the campsies if your racing east
  11. you were right m8 have you got tonights euro millions numbers mick
  12. it belongs to a mr mccool will hold on to till it until i can get it a lift
  13. got 1 as well from limavady already contacted the owner
  14. Well done to everyone who put the effort in to make the race a sucess and well done to Barry on his timer
  15. Yous deserve what yous are getting out of the game m8 is it true yous only moved up ther so yous can the Orange walk lol
  16. Well done yous 2 as it could have been easier for yous to rap it what happened But it shows what can achieve if u stick to it atb
  17. Is it true van der Logan that big Andy doesn't know what u look like as he's only seen ur ass
  18. 10 out of 10 here coming good but nt as good as others
  19. Result 1st Barry Minmaugh breeder and buyer 2nd. Z Fairley buyer R Clark breeder 3rd JJK Gillon buyer G Campbell breeder 4th J Cameron breeder and buyer Well done Barry on winning the bb and New Stevenson members would liked to thank everyone who put young birds in and also who purchased them.
  20. peter2010

    2 Strays

    SU16 R 1018 and SU16 R 1134 in Motherwell
  21. 8 fa 8 first time for a while
  22. Came in late last night anybody on here
  23. Hi m8 it's mine can you pm me your number
  24. Why mention lanarkshire I'm a member and we've nothing to do with this muck up .
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