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  1. Hope the story is true but the pic is a funny looking pereigrine!
  2. I got 36 from 36 and 6 of them first timers weather was crap first thing but cleared up great the longer we sat,but what i couldn't believe was how scared big fairy boy is of the dark.
  3. I do hope the birds u saw were ok after the attack and also you and your car were ok after having to stop In Boness
  4. Good winner wattie well done that doo must have the same thinking as you about Dunbar and doesn't like it either and that's why it has got to *expletive removed* out of there At that speed lol also heard big Tommy has said if anyone's birds would like a day out tomorrow he Will take them to the old Butlins for a day but only if they can behave and if they are really good Tommy said he will do five laps of wirrles Round about to get the miles up
  5. peter2010


    Just heard that all statues which will be removed in the UK will be replaced with this. And this is for services to the doo game. Hail big doughnut
  6. Seriously when was the last time you were at a race ????
  7. Neil Lennon has just told me im this year's champion as if I'd my birds out the most so I'm the winner !
  8. Well you can't say simunovic didn't turn up lol watp
  9. Private meetings is that you telling us you may attend 1 if they have them ????
  10. If it was and they were the same as the 1 we just had ie good returns and the biggest amount of the birds home within a few hours of the leaders it can only do good for our birds as builts up their confidence for the next year and bigger birdages and dos that want to race home and not hide the following year because they've not been hunted home in small birdages the year b4 as ybs.the days of sending ybs all the road is finished jmo but I'm only a new to most on here!
  11. So where is your holiday booked for this year ????
  12. Good to see your moan is only about when does racing finish and not about a disaster of a race just because we were to race to get the season finished !!
  13. Over the moon for you and your twin now that yous are reunited monkey boy
  14. Danny think you should start looking at your flock and getting them ready for the winter midweek shows as you'll no have your big euro nights to fill your time fail fail WATP
  15. My teams definitely not deed and we have plenty of wonga so get it up u
  16. Take it your back on talking about pigeons again as your team is not doing to well at the moment when I hadn't seen you posting I thought you were lost in Athens like your team but there's no trouble in paradise lol WATP
  17. It will be if your looking to win the race with any bird that has got it and has to be treated
  18. If you dint mind me putting you on the spot when does your 90 % rule come into play ??
  19. Got this in late last nite any takers before I report it
  20. LRPF Retford 26/5/18 Due to the distance ALL club pick up times have been brought forward by 20 mins Also central pick up times for Melton Mowbray and Peterborough are Clarkton 17:50 Larkhall 18:00 Newmains 18:15!Burnbank 18:30 Dalzell 18:45 Uddingston 19:00 secretaries please note transporter will leave all stations at the stated times so please inform your members who don't receive the text service thank you .
  21. Would be nice but you widnae give a blind hen a worm ha big tight *expletive removed* watp
  22. Totally agree what you say m8 but they will put u out the game in the long run lol
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