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  1. where can you buy some shares in the lanarkshire fed lol
  2. peter2010

    Stray In

    This came in with my birds tonight SU12 SW 932 anyone got a contact for this Bird atb
  3. west all the way in a new transporter as well
  4. so surely most know that everyone will benefit from getting a new transporter so we should all make a stand and actually get it moving cause it wont be long to the new season lol
  5. i agree its not a mooney making organisation so can someone care to explain why the feds money has been tied up in a bond ???? and how the members have had some benifit cause costs havent came down i smell a rat !
  6. some folk think its a business that getting run they forget its a big club and our hobby so why not just get what money theyve got spent on the best and the welfare of the birds will b better may help with loses also if the transporters were any good you could look to even hire to snfc or is the money tied up in some secret bond ????????
  7. nowadays u would only have a big birdage for the first 4 races so why could the fed not put a limit on the birdage i know that doesnt help everyone also for example if they went down the west they could have 3 applebys fir the first 3 races
  8. has anyone got a contact for the coalburn club please atb
  9. great to see people helpin others keep up the good work:D
  10. could anyone tell me the make of their transporter and where they got it
  11. Found this bird dead in a bus stop in Motherwell town centre looks as if it was flown done before being hit by a bus.
  12. I was walking round the loch yesterday and i found this bird (GB11 S 89159) dead in the water it also had a blue marker on it.
  13. get them paired up and get a round of ybs lol
  14. pigeon made it through the night so looks like its going to be ok
  15. well i couldnt have left it as i used to keep doos myself and i always wondered where the birds i lost got to,i dont think you ever lose the bug
  16. thats the second one in a week just glad i saw it or it wouldve been fox food
  17. Was just out walking my dog I took a different route from usual and found this bird on the path next to a main road it made no attempt to get away as its flown done ive put it in hutch with some seed and water hopefully it will ok in the morning.I am non fancier and hopefully i can get it back to the owner.
  18. my mate is from motherwell and hes going to drop it off to you all the best.
  19. Thanks ill give him a phone
  20. Am a non fancier, this bird has been coming into my garden for a couple of weeks and i got hold of it today if someone can get me a contact for the club it belongs to thanks
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