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  1. Started from scratch 2 years ago to a new location stopped the yearlings at 300ml so I have 2 years Olds and yearlings this year so hopefully get to some big race's this year just pout a new yb loft up so my racers have never been pout into any other loft where they have raced as young birds I will c if it makes any difference on there results big advantage I have noticed already is no fighting trying to move yearlings in with old birds
  2. Very nice John and breeding the goods already can't ask for any better wot hen is on with
  3. A lie is around the world before the truth has its trousers pulled up lol
  4. Small team flyers need good doos big team flyers need canon foader doos that will top the fed 1 week and loose the next big team men can handle bad races bop anything the game can fling at them where is a small team man raps them up in cotton wool for its next race it's set up for its the big team man that keeps the clubs and fed going it's good to C the big team man picking his auld pooler just shows you how Good he is from his 50 + doos lol
  5. wisdom is don't eat yellow snow lol
  6. Big Eadie x mas present if the wife
  7. Don't let them see the cocks your getting them hiper and cut the feeding down don't let them cover the egg's or they will start moulting
  8. No Geo someone who can win 2 or 3 races but not win the com avreges club or fed there is the odd exception but not many cheers
  9. Happy birthday folks but I always thought J Quinns birthday was the 1st of April lol
  10. kingbilly 1


    Hope the wee man doesn't get called a f b again with his irland top on again or they will be more blud spilt can't believe religion goes round the world lol
  11. kingbilly 1


    Only 5 more weddings to go then I think your aloud 6 wife's over there or is that only on a Sunday lol
  12. Sprint mine Middle mine Distance mine All round mine Why because they can they just haven't done it yet lol
  13. He likes the taste of wedding cake lol
  14. I will second that the sport is missing a good man
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