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  1. Lot 8 £40 Lot 12 £40
  2. Su 20 NW 4644 Gb 19 V 35665
  3. Erm think ur forgetting there’s a pandemic going on lads along with a 50 percent increase in mail and parcels this year If one postman/woman gets covid could mean up to 10/12 posties off work which means short staff and only allowed one to a van so u would expect delays
  4. Think u forget there’s a pandemic going on most offices will have reduced staff and no van share plus it’s in middle of Christmas pressure
  5. calder boy


    Hi all Have the SNFC cheques been sent out Cheers
  6. Well done to u both fantastic performance once again ðŸ‘
  7. Hi lad the bird is mine are u going to meet the transputer at swalwell I think it’s the almond valley motor Ian bennett
  8. Got a bird reported today from our race at Appleby it was reported in Gateshead they are CA birds there may be a few more in the area
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