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  1. Rain overnight but dry here this morning and mild.
  2. That’s great news, sounds like it was a great success. Also some tips shared as well 😀
  3. Thanks Andy it’s off A Brother to Olivia (Adam Wealthall) x Dam is Sister to Black Widow (James Dutton) so getting a Son off Olivia x a Son of Black Widow with this Cock.
  4. Another successful season having reported the following results all over the UK.So it’s not loft position getting the results, Winners reported in England, Scotland and Wales. 1st x 24 1st Federation Winners 1st Combine Winner Looking to add some fresh Blood to your team, from a successful Loft with over 80 Winners Reported in the past 4 years.And over 300 Top 5 positions The Lambrechts have been in the country for 25 years now, Winning then and still Winning today. We have a selection of young Cock and hens available ideal stock birds.
  5. Clear skies and chilly start to the day this morning
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