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  1. There will only be minor differences in the nutritional value between red, yellow or white. This is what amuses me about 40 "different" grains in some mixtures which contain 4 types of peas, 4 types of maize etc; The different colours will appeal to the fancier the different size of grains will appeal to the pigeon
  2. Benzing is the simplest clock to use. Just a shame that the battery update service is a rip off
  3. Would also be interested in racing celibate cocks and hens, can you send me info Andy
  4. Natural old birds now sitting first round and will be fresh for later races. Trying something new to me racing celibate cocks and hens, will start training after Easter cold snap.
  5. bluey


    How does the the clock receive the download ? There is no Univers connection to a laptop/pc. Is the download done via the club system, if so how ?
  6. bluey

    Dagenham Sale

    When does the sale close ? Should bids be made on this thread ? Any info would be appreciated.
  7. A pm does not really help anyone else find the answer to the reason for failure.
  8. Pigeon Planner is very good and is free or you can donate if you like
  9. bluey

    Nwhu Rings

    In the NWHU catchment area there is widespread disgust at the RPRA decision, and not only from dual members of both organisations. This ring tax could be the final straw for many fanciers who have chosen to use NWHU rings, the justification for which is shallow ie: to aid repatriation of strays. The extra costs and aggravation to continue racing could make them decide enough is enough and finish with the sport. Somewhere in the RPRA hierarchy there is a bias or even a grudge against the NWHU and with this action they may reap more consequences than they have sown. The NWHU may not be completely blameless by selling rings to people from outside of their boundaries, there is however no law against this. It seems petty that the RPRA over react in the way they have to de-recognise a legitimate organisation which provides it`s members with the most economical rings and transfer system.
  10. bluey

    Nwhu Rings

    The RPRA charge to register Belgian rings. The problem is they accept no responsibility thereafter. If a Belgian rung pigeon is reported to the RPRA, even if it is registered to an RPRA member, the finder is referred to RFCB for owners details. Surely if a ring is registered with the RPRA they should treat it as an RPRA ring. The owner has paid their union fee plus the surcharge to have it registered.
  11. Any suggestions or actual solutions to using two Benzing G2 clocks at the same time with one set of pads. I want to know if it is possible to use two clocks at different clubs but still use them simultaneously for timing in. Thanks in advance
  12. A big problem these days are the unpredictable returns. A Fed winner one week can be lost the week after, it does not give the fancier the chance to truly assess how good a pairings offspring are.
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