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  1. To any one needing Pigeons free Bertie is unable to continue keeping his beloved birds due severe illness (he's been given 6months) bertie raced his birds hard and win his share any one interested please contact my self or stuart cribbes They consist of Fred Jamieson Jimmy Young Archie Fleming and my self
  2. tiger


    While cleaning loft this morning I noticed birds had thrown much more feathers than usual probably due to the temperature dropping left Bath in loft for them
  3. tiger

    Eddie Robin

    Well done mate on winning the ybs west section averages in the mighty larnarkshire federation also the combine averages in the west section average your the man Eddie
  4. Yes put to certain people but not all And what's the point in having race meeting then not follow it thru?? Did we not go to Billericay with 108 birds???? 405 miles by road each way?
  5. Yes there is many wind turbines
  6. Old birds Stobs camp West wouldburn next to (riddsdale) Swallwell Cattrick Ripon Wheatherby Newark Swallwell (come back race) Billericay (open) The last 3 or 4 races we could either go with pentland or Central or North West to help birds and would reduce cost. Ybs Stobs camp Westwood burn Westwood burn? Swallwell Cattrick Wheatherby Newark Again trying to tie up with other fed Av members opinion!!!!
  7. On behalf of Scottish pigeon fancy I would like to thank you for help returning there bids. Thank you
  8. Almond Valley federation is waiting till 10am before liberating
  9. Its down to every individual to choose to race or not to race they are there race controllers
  10. Well Walter I don't agree with you about sickness in ybs the biggest problem is that most are not basket trained ask any convoyer the amount that need put out of baskets is unreal healthy ybs just don't know how to come out. Jmo
  11. Tryed that last year and was total disaster for me started with 26 yearlings and am left with 1. So I am of the opinion they must be raced and trained in the year of their birth. Jmo
  12. Looking for phone 📱 number of the above
  13. Was nice meeting you and thanks for bringing the birds over
  14. Birds going at 9.30 light North West wind Good luck
  15. Full cloud cover again
  16. Sorry guys it's not all down to percy to day I believe the weather played a factor ie cold north winds probably the biggest factor. Jmo
  17. Due to whether av put back race till Sunday normal time for basketing
  18. Almond Valley is at smallwell cricket club near Newcastle if anyone got Scottish birds feel free to bring them down
  19. If any body can bring shu pigeons or gb scottish bird to cricket club next Saturday I'll bring them back up the road. John
  20. tiger


    Been watching this thread and I don't think we can point the finger at anyone but I'll tell I've have noticed is that the men or women that are working there birds ie round the loft or heavy training have a Better returns. Maybe we should be looking in before speaking out. Jmo
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