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  1. Done with thanks Done with thanks Done with thanks Done with thanks Done with thanks Done with thanks Done with thanks
  2. Lot 11. 200 Walter Henderson done with thanks
  3. The sale will run 28th February to the 7th March at 5.59.59 there will be No PM bids on final day of sale on forum only. Lot 1,vic couper a top class fanicer 50 pounds j bird done with thanks Paid with thanks Lot 2. George Harris previous national winner 50 pounds j bird done with thanks paid Lot3..... Lot 4.Law & Brady top fanicer 50 pounds done with thanks. Mont 21 Lot 5. E Jones & grandson top loft. Fred. £50.done with thanks Lot 6. Jimmy mcGinty heres a small loft that can time them in at the distance 50 pounds done with thanks paid with thanks Lot 7. Billy bisland without doubt one of the best in the UK multi nationals wins. 45 pounds done with thanks blue pied Lot 8.john hadfield 2nd open in the Gold cup last year and top loft at federation 50 pounds hotrod done with thanks. Paid with thanks paid Lot 9. Derek hay Mr national flys a top bird in to the west multi section winner 50 pounds hotrod done with thanks paid with thanks paid with Thanks Lot 10. John bailey has win national average again top loft in nats. 75 pounds done with thanks bean kicker paid Lo 11. John bird outstanding fanicer this lot is a kit of 6ybs 200 pounds Walter Henderson done with thanks paid with thanks Lot 12. eddie robin a pair out of his stock loft ready in 3 three weeks top loft I've seen his stock outstanding 70 pounds done with thanks. Rangers Lot 13. Billy bislands multi nationals winner 50 pounds done with thanks bean kicker paid Lot 14. Fred Jamieson now here's a loft that tops the fed every season and can breed birds that win all over the uk 60 pounds done with thanks David mcgaig Paid with thanks Lot, 15. John Weldon outstanding fanicer flys unc .50 pounds done with thanks. Fred Lot 16. Burnside & Drysdale this partnership have spent a lot of money bringing in top national birds 20 pounds done with thanks. Graham Mitchell paid with thanks Lot 17. John Jamieson the pick of the nest from a son of proof his mother 2nd & 3rd open Nat flying club tabes Dame is a daughter of the dewar trophy four times on open snfc result 2nd open cleremont with the snfc 150 done with thanks. Match. Paid Lot 18 Douglas bald outstanding in federation racing second to none. 100 pounds, ECK paid . Also would like to thank pigeon basics for allowing us this sale thanks Archie
  4. Some top class birds The officials of almond Valley fed would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have made a success over the years Thankyou Details to follow
  5. Looking forward to seeing my birds returning home and me being there for them done a extra year last Season due to covid now am going to enjoy my birds. Good luck to our new convoyer
  6. tiger

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you for your birthday wishes much appreciated
  7. tiger


    R. I. P Kevin may the holy ghost guide you everlasting life and happiness
  8. That's David gone to the Big loft in the sky. R. I. P
  9. tiger


    Your right it has to be done by email
  10. tiger


    Looking for phone numbers for walkers thanks in advance
  11. Let's get one thing straight Peter your a wolf in lambs clothing fact your that tight you squeak when you walk and as for the Pi sh about your memory you no fine what your doing you've had a life time to master it
  12. Really omg you've got short memory!!! John you pick me up a bag of feeding from blains!!! Or do you have selective memory loss 🤣
  13. Your as tight as two coats of paint 😂😂😂😂 tell the the guys about the creosote Auld bushy tail (fox)
  14. RIGHT on line for the solway
  15. After a short illness Mr Robert Anderson has went to the Big loft in the sky rest in peace bertie
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