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  1. It's huge that where they the fair
  2. tiger


    They should be home by now
  3. tiger


    Some people are just not interested in there birds waste of my time and effort
  4. tiger


    If no contact with myself I will release them tomorrow afternoon
  5. tiger


    Ch Paul from Kilsyth lib Red su18l 1578 Bl wf su20nw 4644 Blue su19r935
  6. May take this opportunity to the new race convoyer all the best and thanks for time I've spent doing it good luck and best wishes to all
  7. Well done young man but me thinks it's your Mrs!! 🤣 The Thompson touch
  8. tiger

    Su20Ml 567

    Bird with wee George Baxter
  9. 16 from 18 here and 10 minutes of the pace
  10. Birds up at 8.50 west wind Good luck
  11. tiger


    Almond Valley federation 7.45 lne wind stobs camp
  12. Can you please phone phone Fred. Cheers
  13. I've not paired my racers up breeding from stock only
  14. Never mind guy's we'll get at least 3 channel races
  15. tiger


    Happy birthday David
  16. Are we going to be sticking to the dates Or perhaps the SHU should give us guidance?? It's as clear as mud get your finger out and let us know
  17. Can yous please drop me a message if you have paid a member of av fed. Thanks
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