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  1. First off all thanks to everyone that helped this sale Can yous please make cheque payable to almond Valley federation My address is John Jamieson 29 linhouse road East calder West Lothian Eh53ode.
  2. I would like to thank all the people who donated ybs and all the people that bought them also Mr archie herd and pigeon basis also thanks guys
  3. Lot 14.70.davey mc gaig. Done with thanks
  4. One hour to go until finish of sale
  5. Done with thanks Lot 14.60 pounds. David mc gaig. Done with thanks
  6. Final day sale finishes to night Last day of sale
  7. Lot 18. 100 pounds ECK. Done with thanks
  8. 😎😎👌ðŸ‘
  9. Congratulations to both of you
  10. 5&12 done with thanks. Fred
  11. There wasn't I missed number 3
  12. 50 pounds Fred. Done with thanks
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