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  1. Basketing time as normal Saturday for Sunday
  2. Race put back 24 hours
  3. tiger


    This yb is with dkj
  4. Bird going at 3pm light North east wind
  5. Basketing Friday morning 7.30 till 10.00 for afternoon race Due to weekend forecast
  6. tiger


    Liberated at 6.40 Ln north West wind Good luck and good returns
  7. tiger


    Lt ch hen is in at Mr & Mrs Fleming at East calder.
  8. Drop of empty baskets Sighthill 4pm Danderhall 4.30 East houses 5pm Tuesday the 15th
  9. 9 from 9 here with pentland federation
  10. Thank you for the yb and to Jim Jack for taken us up appreciated. John
  11. tiger


    Almond Valley federation 10.15 Se.wind
  12. Race put back for Sunday race
  13. Dougie bald would be the best shot it's him that got it
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