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  1. Who decides this the SHU council or the president himself? Just asking to clarify it
  2. The new loft name is meerkat Lofts 😂 😂 😂 😂
  3. Looking for sputnik for new start or information where to buy one
  4. There is one in East Calder going for free it's about 12 feet and in good condition
  5. Looking good for end of may
  6. How is the great white hunter getting on???
  7. tiger

    Fruit Pickers

    Good luck to them if brits are to lazy then tuff.
  8. God bless him a good man told you as it was To pat I send my deep condolences
  9. He is now in intensive care fighting for his life unbelievable
  10. There's a guy right over From me with it and going out and about discussing peace of shiet
  11. Here smart *expletive removed* black not brown end off
  12. I've had red cheq hen with black black splashes
  13. tiger

    Almond Valley Fed

    If it's possible can yous send cheque made payable to almond valley federation please send to John jamieson 29 linhouse road East Calder eh530de. With lot number you bought And be in contact with yous with details
  14. tiger

    Almond Valley Fed

    I'll be in touch with winners tomorrow telling them the details. Thanks again to everyone
  15. tiger

    Almond Valley Fed

    Above are the winning bids and on behalf of the top table of av fed thank you to the the donors buyers and all who bid .thank you And to pigeon basics Mr archie herd and your team thank you from all almond valley federation members
  16. tiger

    Almond Valley Fed

    No bids after 19.59.59 will be accepted
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