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  1. My mate brought birds up , contacted every member , guys came to pick them up, never asked for any money, everyone bar one asked how much he wanted and said a couple of pound if you can afford it !, but there is always one that thinks he’s doing the favour !! He picked his bird up ,never even offered . Doesn’t bother my mate but that kind of stuff does my nut in , what’s a couple of pound now a days , aye f k all .
  2. Well done 👠all who timed
  3. Time to take up another hobby , one hit wonder 👓
  4. Never leave it unattended 😂
  5. Don't think it would be racing pigeons, can't remember the name of the birds , polbars ,?
  6. Agree with all the points , and can we please get back to what the SNFC is all about , Distance racing , not a race program that keep certain top men happy !!!!
  7. And it's about time they reduced the number of birds per basket for national racing but that will never happen .
  8. Tried Bamfords a couple of times in the last two years ,for some reason they don't seem interested !, anyone had the same problem ?
  9. What chance does a new start have !, Example - lets birds out 2 weeks before first race after being shut in since October ,then off to the first race , wait for it, almost full returns , and another - throws a SOFT ball into them after being shut up since September / October and a couple of tosses then into first race , almost / or full returns , remember top fanciers in Scotland here, personal , nope sh**. Just my opinion
  10. Great fancier , but some people should do there homework, dosent train lol
  11. elanco


    Tried to put result on for Leige, no luck , is there an easy way ?
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