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  1. pity the same concern wasnt shown at maidstone weather wise.there must be in excess of three thousand pigeons missing. the forecast was showing bad the whole weekend.why basket pigeons on the thursday when it could have been delayed twenty four hours.even if held over to the monday the birds would have coped no bother . bloody disgrace .
  2. Davie, in reply to your post about Guernsey. Looks like too many people throwing in their unfounded opinions Don't know if you saw my previous post, where I had contacted Keith Mott. Very well known convoyer with plenty of experience of liberating birds at Guernsey. He told me that over the years he must have liberated birds in the region of 15 different times there. Instead of listening to all these negative comments as far as I can see, we should be taking note of somebody who knows what he is talking about. I specifically asked him how the birds cleared, his answer was that there was never any problem. One other point. It was mostly young birds that he was convoying, so old birds should cope even better. Hope this helps to quell some of the doubts about Guernsey, no reason why we shouldn't go and have a good race (only thing wrong - we should be going more than just once). Alastair at Rosyth
  3. Spoke to Ex convoyer - Keith Mott today. He convoyed birds to Guernsey for years, mostly young birds. He says it is an excellent liberation site, only about 10 minutes from the docks. Good facilities, water, toilets etc. He liberated there about 15 times over the years. Birds cleared no problem, reckon it will be about 480 miles to Rosyth. Could be the only chance of getting channel races due to the situation in France. HAS TO BE WORTH CONSIDERING. Alastair McCudden. Rosyth
  4. sorry .birds are all away.just the boxes and bowls left .
  5. friend o mine packing the pigeons in . he has 100 clay nest bowls plus 24 nest boxes for sale.if your interested give me call.he is in kirkcaldy .my number is 01383414984 .ALASTAIR.
  6. strange race here gary .birds came well then stopped.still working in yet up to 23 out out o 30. nice night here hoping for a few more yet.ALASTAIR rosyth .
  7. Hi Gary, your certainly having a good day. Good to see that your stock loft is turning out top class birds, can only be a matter of time before you get that elusive first national. So here's me putting in my order for next year. LOL. Again,well done - no wonder you and Jimmy are well pleased. Yours Alastair - Rosyth
  8. Hi. Could you please email me a sales list to alimac1947@googlemail.com Thank you, regards Alastair McCudden, Rosyth
  9. has not set their status

  10. Hi, I am a selkirk man. Lived there for 42 years. Wull Henderson was a very good friend of mine, he died two years ago this December. There used to be two clubs in Selkirk. Very sad to see that there are now no fanciers in the town. Just shows the very sad decline in the sport. Selkirk and the Borders used to be a good place to race pigeons into. The Selkirk club can lay claim to 1st S.N.F.C. Rennes, 2nd S.N.F.C. Rennes and back to Wull and myself. Wull was 9th open and I was 11th open Rennes S.N.F.C in the year 1990. Yours Alastair McCudden
  11. Hi, this bird is mine. It was actually reported from Northern Ireland, fancier has obviously had it tossed and it has ended up with you. Here is my phone number - 01383 414984. If you can give me a call we can see what can be done. Yous Alastair McCudden - Rosyth.
  12. Hi, Gary. Saw your post, as you say it was a strange race. 8 minutes between my first and second pigeon, then the birds rattled in. Even half an hour to 40 minutes after my first bird I was getting them in bunches of four and five. I ended up with 57 home out of 58. Regards Alastair (Rosyth)
  13. Austin will have a young bird ready for the sale, same way bred as last year's winner. Alastair McCudden
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