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  1. Happy birthday VMS & Woodsider
  2. Well done John your hard work pays off M8
  3. Glad you are sorted for a couple of weeks at least if you need this one give us a shout
  4. I have one I keep as a spare you can have it till you can get a replacement
  5. Sorry but fourteen days wont cut it
  6. Well done Del YOU put the work in and again your birds perform Delighted for you
  7. bernie_don


    We will have to wait to see the next development of this virus, We as fanciers can rearrange racing for our birds. we need to look after each other, family, frends. and all our elderly fanciers.Like you I hope we get racing but what will be will be
  8. Well done Allan you are doing your utmost to drag us out of the Abyss
  9. Not long if we dont work together
  10. And your comments suggest that i would support win by any cost, this sport is not about the members it is about the bird doing well on the day regardless of the time to cheat makes you an idiot unless it is for the money in my club you can not win a penny because no one pulls there birds
  11. and the race you are talking about is because we at that time had not had a time from the master timer i dont get your problem as for the race check with the only fed that liberated on the day at the race point. Maybe if you dont trust anybody you should put your hand up at meetings to do the job and see if you could do it any better,
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