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  1. Well done Eddie top flying Missed you're call will phone you tomorrow
  2. Airth 1st Gus McDonald 1056/98 2nd Gus McDonald 1024/61 3rd Gus McDonald 963/36 4th Gus McDonald 963/08 5th Gus McDonald 962/94 6th cowan Berry Craig 917/49 7th Rab Stewart 901/54 8th Rab Stewart 897/17 9th Kenny keneday 884/22 10th D McArthur 872/31 Big well done Gus McDonald 84 years old showing us how it's done Stirling 1st cowan Berry Craig 1058/932 2nd cowan Berry Craig 1058/014 3rd cowan Berry Craig 1057/861 4th P McGowan@son 1052/009 5th P McGowan@son. 1051/867 6th Rab Hamilton. 998/994 7th Rab Hamilton. 986/625 8th Rab Hamilton. 985/837 9th Rab Hamilton. 983/091 10th Andy McCartney. 977/478 11th Andy McCartney. 964/003 12th Mark Lafferty. 952/723 13th Mark Lafferty 850/047
  3. Bird's up 9.00 north West wind good luck guy's
  4. North West federation Coldstream Thursday race Good luck all
  5. We will be Basketing Wednesday for Thursday race usual times if there is anyone who needs birds picked up and taking to club's the worker's among us we will try to assist you and clocks picked up after race cheers
  6. duncow


    Well done lads right move bird's first
  7. Said this for year's Walter
  8. Race cancelled Due to the weather conditions over the weekend
  9. Thanks for them guy's who got in touch with feedback seems all had a great race by all accounts worth the couple hour's wait cheers guy's
  10. 1st D McArthur 1441/68 2nd D McArthur 1441/00 3rd Rab Stewart 1439/03 4th Cowan berry Craig 1417/68 5th Cowan berry Craig 1415/39 6th Cowan berry Craig 1415/31 7th Cowan berry Craig 1415/02 8th D McArthur 1413/07 9th D McArthur. 1413/07 10th Cowan berry Craig 1412/95 Well done to our secretary all the good Work paying off
  11. Cheq Su17CA 2469 old ring y/B Cheq Su 19 NE 4325 Cheq Pied Su 19DF 1881 Come in Thursday with my YB
  12. Birds Basketing to night for Saturday race lib hoping to get them up early as possible good luck lads
  13. Hi mate bird belongs to Jamie MC Gowan Stirling he's not on basics His number is 07950245993
  14. Right lads getting close till the off who's all ready I've been hearing some scarry stories big losses All over myself no different bad training hour's from 20ml tosses And injury's like a hospital here 10 on sick leave they need to shape up quickly or I'm afraid it's the green coffin for them sometimes think be easier wiser to put them all there open
  15. duncow

    Snrpc Arras

    Big well done Peter
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