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    First class pal will he be going to any more nationals
  2. 1st cowan Berry Craig 1358/98 2nd Cowan berry Craig 1358/49 3rd cowan Berry Craig 1325/19 4th cowan Berry Craig 1323/28 5th Kenny keneday. 1320/62 6th Cowan berry Craig 1317/90 7th Mick gaughan. 1314/26 8th Mick gaughan. 1279/66 9th John ford. 1271/30 10th D McArthur. 1245/62
  3. 1st M gaughan 1693/09 2nd M gaughan 1691/98 3rd Rab Stewart 1674/26 4th Cowan berry Craig 1673/55 5th Rab Stewart 1669/64 6th cowan Berry Craig 1668/64 7th John ford 1653/68 8th cowan Berry Craig 1619/82 9th John ford 1604/12 10th Rab Stewart 1601/85 Nice fast one the day lads Big hand for Michael Gaughan 1@2 Returns looking good 29/29 here
  4. Well-done guys see your still in there Eddie
  5. 1st Cowan berry Craig 1377/29 2nd Cowan berry Craig 1368/92 3rd Cowan berry Craig 1368/38 4th Cowan berry Craig 1367/95 5th Cowan berry Craig 1367/63 6th Cowan berry Craig 1367/63 7th Wullie MC claren. 1311/97 8th Wullie MC claren. 1311/47 9th D MC Arthur. 1296/48 10th John ford. 1296/47 Seems good returns all round we're 1 down how about you Guy's
  6. Hi guy's club had metting last night after Basketing to fix split for BB 1st £500 / £250 Breeder £250 Buyer 2nd £240 / £120 Breeder £120 Buyer 3rd £200 / £100 Breeder £100 Buyer Remember lads keep every result no matter how small I've seen second prize go to a 4th club the result will be judged by someone out side our feds and only judged on bird's performance he'll not know owner's Cheers from Airth club thanks for you help any problems phone me or DMC Arthur
  7. Weather bit unsettle sat looks fine Sunday keep yous guys informed
  8. Well done wullie about time and to all on sheet
  9. 1st Cowan berry Craig 1362/70 2nd Cowan berry Craig 1272/72 3rd Cowan berry Craig 1272/95 4th Cowan berry Craig 1261/59 5th Cowan berry Craig 1259/83 6th D McArthur. 1225/47 7th John ford. 1217/35 8th John ford. 1217/20 9th John ford. 1201/73 10th Cowan berry Craig 1197/72
  10. 1st Cowan berry Craig 1297/22 2nd Cowan berry Craig 1290/30 3rd Cowan berry Craig 1289/72 4th Cowan berry Craig 1289/52 5th Cowan berry Craig 1273/05 6th M gaughan. 1245/81 7th John ford. 1238/86 8th M gaughan. 1225/94 9th Colin Robertson. 1220/34 10th D McArthur. 1198/31 Wee bit of the pace this week. Onward and upward Big chucks 60th birthday wee bit hungover Let's know of your returns thanks
  11. That's my fault mate wrote Midlands never checked came up pentlands and posted lol
  12. Birds up at6 NNW birds cleared should be good race lads
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