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  1. Skkinflats farm grangmouth 07711547220 £6 bag
  2. Every single day persi at mine when birds are out got nothing but had a go at 4 sparrow hen no been here for 2 days
  3. duncow

    Almond Valley Fed

    You'll get some great birds here class sales list
  4. Lot 2 gary cox £100 jamie mcgowan
  5. PM me some prices for pairs and some details please Duncan Cowan stirling
  6. Use everyday with garlic except when medications are used wouldn't be without it
  7. Personally I think it's a good thing getting rings as early as possible young birds have a lot of hurdles to get over for one you don't need to put on darkness get over any sickness and plenty time to school them even start training with old birds all positive forward thinking guy's
  8. Hi mate Duncan cowan nwf my wee mate Jamie MC Gowan looking for pearches put your number up mate
  9. Martin conlon £250 Steven Conway £250 first prize Cowan@ Craig £120 Rab Stewart. £120 second prize Jamie MC Gowan Jamie MC Gowan 3third prize £200 Big well done guys great wee compition
  10. Great buy any hassle I'll have them buddy
  11. duncow

    Stolen Birds

    No again mate get him sorted little *expletive removed*
  12. Try Jacko I got barley from him great stuff spotless
  13. Colin breeds a great youngster top birds I've a couple myself class and a steal at them price's
  14. Well done mate great flying all year
  15. This race has been cancelled due to the poor racing And bad returns all over anybody going to nationals All the best guy's what a year glad to see the end
  16. North West Federation up 7.30 LSW Good luck guys
  17. They need to start been flexible or there will big drop in birdage the feds are starting to change there ways Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday.racing way forward race to the conditions in front off us.
  18. 1st cowan Berry Craig 1499/12 2nd Gus McDonald. 1457/32 3rd cowan Berry Craig 1441/10 4th cowan Berry Craig 1415/41 5th cowan Berry Craig 1391/56 6th Gus McDonald. 1379/99 7th D McArthur. 1370/40 8th Gus McDonald. 1358/07 9th D McArthur. 1354/99 10thD McArthur. 1354/61 Well done guys STIRLING 1st P McGowan@son 1513/83 2nd P McGowan@son 1513/61 3rd P McGowan@son 1512/97 4th P McGowan@son 1512/97 5th Cowan berry Craig 1494/30 6th Cowan berry Craig 1473/02 7th Cowan berry Craig 1466/28 8th Andy McCartney 1452/23 9th Rab Hamilton. 1440/71 10thRab Hamilton. 1440/51 11th Andy McCartney 1434/99 12th Marky Lafferty 1343/03 Well done P McGowan@son great flying
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