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  1. well done wee man no scotty haning to you this week
  2. race is ripon airth club north west fed 24/30 settle for good returns 164 miles
  3. well done peter jamie what a difrence a win makes stops the moaning for a wee while keep it up boys
  4. well done jim that scotty got a cheak sliping in between them spoilsport
  5. well done wee rab flying good and all rest that made result
  6. 33/37 north west fed consett alot better than its been
  7. hard to keep agood man down wait till next week aye i know probalay the same
  8. would be far better sport if we had more like you mate your a credit to our game
  9. just as wee expected was never going to happen
  10. its about time people started thinking about the birds like yous boys are doing hats off to you all i like to see our fed make some changes like this
  11. duncow

    Roland Jansen

    get in contact norrie marsdan ogilves loft maneger
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