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  1. 1st Cowan@craig 1304/85 2nd Kenny kenaday 1286/75 3rd cowan@craig 127006 4th Cowan@craig 1269/90 5th Kenny kenaday 1258/05 6th Kenny kenaday 1257/59 7th Mick gaughan 1218/97 8th Kenny kenaday 1205/46 9th Cowan@craig 1196/46 10thcowan@craig 1173/29 Well done guy's
  2. 1st Cowan@craig 1183/46 2nd Cowan@craig 1183/32 3rd Cowan@craig 1178/55 4th Cowan@craig 1178/20 5th cowan@craig 1177/20 6th Kenny kenaday 1108/14 7th rab.stewart 1047/34 8th m gaughan 1042/81 9th Willie MC claren 1038/37 10th Rab Stewart 1023/)88
  3. duncow


    I use st Ives cultured butter milk Tesco's 75p
  4. 1st Cowan@ Craig 1219/94 2nd Cowan@ Craig 1212/94 3rd Kenny kenaday 1200/11 4th Cowan@ Craig 1198/25 5th Kenny kenaday 1196/80 6th Kenny kenaday 1176/08 7th Kenny kenaday 1161/38 8th Cowan@ Craig 1158/62 9th Cowan@ Craig 1158/26 Rab Stewart 1154/73 Good returns well done lsds
  5. Aye Allan gets changed that much Don't fancy this weekend for racing I see Lanarkshire brought 24 Hours forward good thinking lads everyone is a convoyer when they put their bird's in the basket good luck folk's
  6. Sad to see guy's packing up All the best in the future
  7. That's what I was saying pal Nothing to do with me know
  8. Weather looks bit iffy for Saturday Friday looks better day what you think guy's
  9. duncow


    Every year gets worse Allan we'll all go through it hope they work in
  10. Is there something I'm missing here snfc up Lanarkshire up Snrp held over 🌌⚡☔
  11. I'll give him call later . thanks mate
  12. duncow

    Unicon Ets Rings

    Hi guys my big mate looking for 100 ETS RINGs been SHU don't do anymore If no joy on here he will need to order through UNICON cheers
  13. You've been doing good John keep at it mate
  14. 1st John ford 1441/82 2nd John ford 1368/18 3rd Colin Robertson 1335/03 4st Mick Bennett 1333/57 5th D MCARTHUR 1333/28 6th D MCARTHUR 1333/21 7th Kenny kenaday 1327/14 8th D MCARTHUR 1316/44 9th Colin Robertson 1314/21 10th Colin Robertson 1306/31 Well done guy's
  15. 1st Cowan@ Craig 1109/97 2nd John ford. 1061/28 3rd Cowan@ Craig 1054/21 4th John ford. 1022/50 5th John ford 1014/63 6th M gauhan. 1012/69 7th Cowan@ Craig 1005/71 8th John ford 994/39 9th M gauhan 993/83 10th John ford 992/26
  16. 1st D MCARTHUR 1733/26 2nd j ford. 1732/31 3rd Cowan@craig 1731/56 4th Cowan@craig 1720/22 5th Cowan@craig 1719/07 6th Cowan@craig 1717/91 7th Cowan@craig 1713/89 8th j ford 1703/60 9th j ford. 1698/86 10th j ford 1694/15 Big well-done to D MCARTHUR
  17. 1st j ford 1479/97 2nd j ford 1470/07 3rd j ford 1474/99 4th j ford 1414/30 5th j ford 1393/68 6th Cowan @ Craig 1388/41 7th Cowan @ Craig 1387/62 8th Cowan @ Craig 1385/00 9th Cowan @ Craig 1377/44 10th K Kennedy 1369/38 Big well-done to John ford top flying 👌
  18. Was looking forward to it right call Martin Hopefully next week keep us updated
  19. What's your thoughts do we think it's going to come into play with training and racing hope not after last year's troubles Heard Fife had there problem
  20. Great way forward here's hoping
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