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  1. If fury can get past round 6 or 7 he might do it he's a lot smarter than most people give him credit for
  2. Unreal game beaten the all blacks twice now and nations champions
  3. Rotavirus is wiping lads out up and down the country
  4. It's the misuse of medications and vaccines that's the problem The sickness that's going though youngbirds in parts of the UK and Ireland now is shocking
  5. Best of luck too all hopefully it's a good race in the heat
  6. Hopefully a few more get in in the morning well done to all that got 1
  7. Well done too all that got them hopefully in the morning a lot more make there way in
  8. brazil for me some team they have now
  9. just ask me


    well done del on your results ill have to wait till i get on my laptop too see the full result still cant copy and paste links on my phone
  10. better start saving now lol
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