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  1. I have boxes that I can split into 3 perches and mess around with. Keeps them in their toes now and again I think.
  2. Thats 4 droping together, took 1st, 2nd and 3rd Glasgow fed, the 4th had a problem with its ets ring and missed the result. Not big birdage but they flew a fantastic race and it was great to get 4 on the drop, especially as they went 20210507_105856.mp4 up with thousands of Lanarkshire doos. A hen trapped first that day followed by the cks.
  3. I've flown celibate for years now and it seems to work. Always do a wee something to motivate them after the first couple of races which gives them a wee lift. Cks and hens seem to do equally well on the whole.
  4. One is a dtr of Oban Express and is dam of 2 x 2nd feds for Paddy Doherty and the other was a 1st fed into Oban. Both sisters and half sisters to many birds to score into here, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, the RPRA one loft and the Golden Race and Great Derby in Portugal. Looking forwards to next year very much indeed. 😁 179744428_20211114_124444(1)_1.mp4
  5. ally mac

    Show time

    Aye, I'm one of them 😉, most of my best blues have the 3rd bar showing, breeders and racers.
  6. ally mac

    Show time

    Definitely easier to post pics. Still trying to suss the site layout though. This was a 1st fed into Oban this year.
  7. Plenty will do it, c & c Lambrechts and van den builks have been great for me. As have Ogilvie lofts Ceusters and Macaloney doos.
  8. Well done lads, great to see you working your way down the road.
  9. Brilliant again Jim 👠👠👌
  10. Well done everyone and fantastic start again Paddy 👠😀 ðŸ‘
  11. OK doke. I could have popped through but it would of ended up in Oban till I was down the road . If you've ever anything up this way again give me a shout.
  12. Just seen this, Did you get it sorted?
  13. I've been racing celibate and I've found it pretty good. Keeps things simple, which seems to suit me! I mess around with the perches in the cks section for a bit of motivation. Hens are pretty much just left alone and they do fine.
  14. I've a feeling Jim's doo will have its day very soon. Impeccably well bred as it is 🤣🤣
  15. Well done Willie ðŸ‘, your pal just T the back of you ðŸ˜
  16. Well done lads. Hope the GPS ring made it home Lee
  17. Thats great to see Lee, syraight up the Glen and it shows you exactly where to train from. Hope your good racing continues ðŸ‘
  18. Well done again Paddy, Some doo :emoticon-0140-rofl:
  19. Well done Jonesy, that's a cracking doo you've got there . Turned out a great race for me. 27 home from 34 sent, I'm very happy with that with the majority being unraced yearlings.
  20. Thats great to see Greenock has got a couple of new members. Its a strong wee club and the boys do well down there. All the best for the season.
  21. Good to get a decent toss into them at the weekend. 30 odd mile from Faslane. I went from there with a few last year and it turned out OK do the whole team went on Saturday. Most were home before me andcs 2nd batch dropped in not long after. Only a few late comers so happy enough with that. I will try and get another couple in this week if I can.
  22. Ten home now apparently, terrible advert for one lofts and pigeon racing on the whole.
  23. Over 2000 doos started the series and only 250 odd went to tge final. Something far wrong in the loft surely.
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