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  1. well done billy graham 1st sec 5th open and davie donaldson 2nd sec 9th open both birds related
  2. would like to say a big thank you to all that attended our night and all who donated a y/bird to the breeder buyer also the lads on the panel a good night was had and wish yous all the best in the coming season thanks wullie semple
  3. no problem george done thanks any one want there name down just message me
  4. mobile 07756563532 for ronnie
  5. picked these birds up from hexam will feed and water and send to stray centre on friday or you can contact me on 07963432396 or pm me SU15ML11 SU15ML30 SU15SB681 SU15SB226 SU15S5815 SU15L9697 SU15L9698 GB15S02777 THANKS WS
  6. kirkfieldbank phone j frood 01555 663451
  7. davie donaldson just timed his second pigeon two out of three home well done top doo man
  8. in today hole in crop hit wire any takers
  9. any one have a geraldy trailer for sale could you please pm me with details and price thanks
  10. 15 16 17 £50 each thanks
  11. just like to say a big thanks to ricky walter lewis and john these guys done a great job as the panel for the evening and thanks to jim savage for his great raffle prizes also the boys who came up from ayrshire and coalburn and all that attended thanks to every one who donated y/b for breeder buyer and can only wish yous all the best in the coming season thanks wullie semple
  12. george get your name down for the breeder buyer maybe get yourself a £100
  13. lot 10 £110 thanks wullie semple Thanks Ian
  14. great night was had by all thanks for having us all the best in the coming season ws blantyre h/s
  15. thanks very much and hope you all had a good race with good returns ws
  16. a mcinnes 1684 a mcinnes 1682 tallis mcdonagh 1676 w semple 1671 tallis mcdonagh 1659 tallis mcdonagh 1655
  17. no problem paul you are more than welcome all the best ws
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