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  1. yes so did mr burn his was phoned in to one of the officials
  2. alan all bids should have come from the official it clearly states and gives the phone number to call why should the ones that follow the rules get outbid by others coming on and putting in a bid in the last few seconds totally unacceptable there bid should not be acceptied this will be looked at
  3. c smilie lot 8 m findlay £35 lot 35 c mcmillan £30
  4. wullie ramage lot 26 j newbiggin £40 lot 27 wullie ramage £30
  5. liam burn £50 wullie semple lot30 £50 billy graham lot12 £200 davie donaldson lot7
  6. jim shaw timed three first one 6 20
  7. kev have phoned him and sent message to him about ten times but not getting any reply from him but thanks for your help
  8. all the fanciers in the liverpool area and not one reply thanks lads
  9. have a pigeon reported in liverpool by non fancier it is at whiston hospital can any local fancier help out if so can you please contact me on 07963432396 thanks william semple
  10. came in today has broken leg contact wullie semple
  11. well done to both of yous
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