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  1. george think its only 5 weeks
  2. would like to say a big thanks to ianO and danny sharkfin for fixing my mate up with sputnik traps thanks lads and hope the two of you have a great season 2014 two all the best ws
  3. no dont have this in stock but can get it got bamfords super breeding the fanciers dont want to pay the price for the v/l feeding that is why i only keep sport and all/ round
  4. george there is a few mixes there depends what you are looking for
  5. wullie semple


    looking for a 2 or 3ft sputnik any one got one for sale lanarkshire area if you have one to sell could you please pm me with price thanks ws
  6. has not set their status

  7. blantyre club flying with lanarkshire fed was started in 1974 been a member from the start coming up on 40 years
  8. well another great quiz night was had i would like to thank all who turned up and to all that donated y/birds for 2014 and to panel john mcfall john lawrie and tam richardson also the members that help out jim and alex wylie jim mcmillian thanks
  9. if you fancy a good night out come along on friday night to blantyre welfare a good quiz night and sale of some top class 2014 y/birds from friends and club members D DONALDSON GLASSFORD 1ST SEC SNFC 2013 G W & P MACALONEY COATBRIDGE 1ST SEC SNFC 2013 TOM BLAIR STIRLING 1ST AND 2ND OPEN SNFC 2013 G LIGHTBODY HAMILTON GREAT ALLROUNDER D SPITTAL GLASGOW GREAT RESULTS WITH THE S N R P C CONTACT WILLIAM SEMPLE 07963432396
  10. does bill ishmael still keep pigeons
  11. gutted for yous guys if there is any way i can help just get in touch keep your chin up big man
  12. george will have to wait to see what time the birds are home ws
  13. davie donaldson 14ft loft 14 to 15 pair old birds 28 y/birds in the past 4 years has won the west sec with the s n f c 3 times
  14. is there no times for running clocks of at night 11 and 1 is of no good to the working man
  15. well done billy cochrane only racing 4 birds and all home again good on you billy
  16. yes agree with you frank more birds more prizes
  17. no george i think he said it was lost at eastbourne
  18. just like to say thanks to all that turned up for what turned out to be a great night and all who donated y/birds for our sale thanks lads for coming along and all the best 2013 thanks william semple
  19. still a few tickets left for a good nigtht out also some class y/birds for sale from top class fanciers contact wullie semple or pay at door
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