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  1. s h u rule is e t s can only record the arrival time after the pigeon has entered the loft does not state bobs should be inside or outside
  2. alan vince is doing presentation and there is some ayrshire lads on the panel there will also be a few 2013 y/birds for sale pies and teas will be served should be a good night
  3. blantyre club are holding a quiz night in blantyre miners welfare and a sale of some y/birds from top flyers come along and have a great night tickets can be got from wullie semple phone 01698 827434 or contact any club member tickets are £3 so come along on friday 8th of march at 7.30pm
  4. agree with you 4 sections north south east and west
  5. only one winner if this goes through the snrpc leave the west boys alone
  6. from 97 2007 they did not send with the s n f c
  7. when they send to s n f c races you will find nine times out of ten they can time in remember they dont sent the same number to s n f c races as fed races
  8. davie donaldson timed 3 from 4 sent by 4 20 well done davie
  9. all the best frank and hope you will make a come back
  10. south lanarkshire alnwick my club has had great returns again i have them all home another good race
  11. well done davie donaldson on another first sec/win
  12. got in one thats what they want and that wee man is still in front off them
  13. john the racing from the east was fine south lanarkshire are having good racing and great returns getting your birds 4 and 5 at a time had birds away today with them all home in 25 min.
  14. they will be no birds to go to the national with the returns today are terrible
  15. take them back would not use them
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