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  1. surprised to hear you have no Supporters you have managed to do a lot of damage up till now and I will enjoy the rugby
  2. my appeal was sent as many members did not get there forms early enough and gave some only three days to get them returned and it was to safeguard them this was done , as it transpires I believe only two votes came late and they were disregarded by the SHU as past the date Raymong Birnie set so we were fortunate our supporters pulled out the stops to get there votes in on time
  3. I never said anything about being sanctioned by the shu that must be someone else quote and I have evidence of members getting late voting papers
  4. to add I sent it by email first and posted the details including the proofs to the shu and they got them on the 26th january
  5. My appeal was sent to the SHU on 25th of January by email and shu got it on 26th january showing proof of posting proof of delivery to Mrs Birnie before the vote closed on 28th january
  6. you are right Jimmy but our president want to delay it as long as he can so that he thinks we wont get any racing in 2022. He has tried all the tricks but he is no longer our fed president by vote his only job now is to hand over the audited accounts and be a man and accept the fact and step down we will manage great without him How can a fed president who has lost the vote and now only a fed member just arrange another vote of no confidence on himself because he was not happy at the shu counting of the votes its a joke we know all basic members are sick of this posts but this lets you see what we are up against
  7. Get well jock hope you mak a ful recovery gogs
  8. Deveron valley pc took the date so we will all turn up with our usual tin helmets on and put the world to right ha ha
  9. Sad to all this carry on should never been required if it had been handled properly from the top table
  10. Even if there is a change at the top Ron your job is safe you have done a great service for us this last two years thanks
  11. You are right robbie Deveron Valley have taken on the 5th of december for our own AGM as the president would not confirm to me to book it for the Federation so thats proof we had a venue for the fed AGM Like other members I am sick of the whole set up but felt our members deserved better and I will now carry on to see it through to the end as everything I have brought up is true I have hidden nothing
  12. There has no lies been told II am speaking about the letter he sent the clubs secretarys weeks ago stating the fact you would all step down if not voted on as a whole
  13. Thanks for your interest but we are not asking for a national program my club send the highest birdage in the fed over the season and fly the full federation program that is usually voted on and decided at the normal face to face AGM . The present system set by Mr Birnies team is self appointed and not a program the members voted for that is part of the problem hence the need for an AGM to get things back on track I am sad to read Stuart has felt this way as he is the most respected member of the North Federation he has held high office many years and raised large sums of money gifting birds for our sales and been a great ambassador for the fed all over the UK . A great Fancier who has reached the height that most can only dream of one of a select few who have won the Scottish National so far north plus numerous section winners and always testing his birds ability . He is not part of the present problem with our fed it is common knowledge he was the lone figure in the President team who knew how to and wanted the race his birds and it must have been hard for him the sit as vice president and watch his passion being drawn in another direction . BUT but by resigning he may have just saved the North Fed because the President sent all the clubs a letter stating if his whole team were not voted on as one they would all step down so we will have to wait and see if this will be the case Stuart go and relax get back to your birds and enjoy them again you are still the man to beat and the members wish you well
  14. Thanks for your interest but we are not asking for a national program my club send the highest birdage in the fed over the season and fly the full federation program that is usually voted on and decided at the normal face to face AGM . The present system set by Mr Birnies team is self appointed and not a program the members voted for that is part of the problem hence the need for an AGM to get things back on track
  15. I thank the fellow members for there support of my original letter most of you I know are speaking for the majority of your members who are not pigeon basic members or are not computer literate . I also want to point out to other fanciers who dont know Mr Birnie I think he is a decent man and non of us are perfect and I for one dont take any prisoners but I think he is being given bad advice . He took on our federation at a bad time just before Covid struck and all meetings were banned . he got the backing of the fed to steer us through this period , he has worked hard to keep get us racing and I thanked him for that after the last young bird races . I have always helped him out if he requested a job done as I know it was not an easy job but he surround himself in his team fanciers who only want to fly 300 miles others who only sent a few races and some who never sent at all . The result was the fed changed its direction and has now become a sprint middle distance federation and being controlled by men who dont race birds Why have I changed my Mind on his leadership After the fed proposals were delivered I got a got a call from Alan Foster the fed liberator questioning why my club Deveron valley wanted to cut the Scottish races to only four old birds instead of the usual six . having six races up to 150 miles did not give the distance fanciers birds enough time on the wing for the members who wanted to go to the nationals and and we wanted to substitute the two Scottish races with two 200 \ 250 not a lot to ask for to as our distance members were having to toss birds with the Aberdeen and Angus fed to get longer time on the wing we never had to do that before in my life time in the fed he then told me the distance fanciers should GET A TRAILER AND GO IT ON OUR OWN """"" [ RED RAG TO A BULL CROSSED MY MIND ] Next day Mr Birnie phoned and asked the same question and HE TOLD ME THE EXACT THING it was then I knew I had to do something as the President and his team were not listening
  16. To North of Scotland Federation Members I am compelled to write this letter as our President Mr Birnie is being economical with the truth and is not being open and telling the members the true facts of the situation regarding forcing a postal vote on members and not an face to face discussion [1] In his opening sentence he says he could not find suitable premises for an AGM " THIS IS NOT TRUE " in september he asked me to source a venue for the AGM . I got a fellow member Ryan Hay to get a quote for the Deveronside football club and I contacted The Banff Springs for a quote both venues have a covid application risk assessment in place and I sent him the quotes . He has confirmed he got the quotes but said none of the venues replied to his phone call so I expect he never pursued the matter as the hotel is open seven days a week 24\7 [2] He says he contacted the SHU President for advice on a ballot vote and was told he could hold one if he wanted . I had also emailed the SHU for a rule on the same subject well before he did and the reply I received stated if premises were available that was the way forward only if the covis restrictions were re imposed would a postal vote be ok and as of yesterday is still ignoring there advice [3] It all changed in October when all the club fed proposals were in and he saw five of the eight clubs proposed John Thomson for president for 2022 I dont know what the other three clubs voted for. He changed tac then and we were told there would be no face to face AGM would be held and a postal vote would be used and that was final the ballot paper came out yesterday and the vote is for the President TEAM against John Thomsons team ??? if the President lost the vote his complete TEAM would resign en bloc . John Thomson does not have a team he has still to be voted on if he wins the office bearers will be fill off the floor of a face to face meeting [ constitutional rule ] [4] The vote papers will be counted and verified by Rick Richards [ELGIN ] and Alister Reid [Keith ] two former fed secretarys working independent its a secret ballot as the two mentioned and the President will be the only people to see the papers and will tell us the results . I am not questioning the two secretarys integrity in any way but both are The presidents supporters so this is not independent the papers should have gone to the SHU offices He has been kicking the can for months now first it was covid restrictions [ they were lifted ] then no venues { I solved that one ] then he was in bad health then he said he had covid and would not be fit to take a meeting which is fair enough but he had a very capable Vice President who could chair the meeting I could go on but this president has abused his position for his own gain and not telling members the true situation only what suits himself and he should reconsider his position as he has lost his credit ability and the trust the members and RESIGN ASAP gordon wilson Deveron Valley PC
  17. aye Cris dissappointed we never got to Sedgefield bit six aff o your doos are awa and they have scored well for me in the young bird nationals so I will be lookin for them
  18. I sent nine only done the north fed program to Auchindinny so a jump of 248 miles Pego pray for me
  19. Well done Sandy " they wont like it up them " ha ha
  20. James Abel 1533 James Abel 1533 James Abel 1528 James Abel 1526 Gogs Wilson 1409 Gogs Wilson 1409 Gogs Wilson 1403 John Mair 1348 Ryan Hay Family 1318 Sandy Hay 1297 Andy Wilson 1289 Well done to James on winning everything to be won in the young bird season young bird Averages , longest Race . last three races gold ring Money Pools and food James could " Moan for Scotland " bit nae fitba so I am going to get some lessons see it will help me for next year To finish on behalf of the club we want to thank the President his committee , George Duthie ,the liberators , Ron our driver who am please to say was back to full health this week and the unseen helpers who got us through a tricky season
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