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  1. Timed at 19.24 and 20.09 been a stinker I think cheers Jamie
  2. Timed at 19.24 and 20.09 been a stinker I think
  3. 15home from 22 sent to billericay lanarkshire fed .the 2 main fancies still to come
  4. Lot 5 £50 ,and lot30£65 done thanks
  5. £40 lot 5 please done thanks.
  6. Very sad to hear this ,will always remember the good memories when rab came round to whatch for the doos coming home on a Saturday. Rest in peace Rab
  7. Spot on at least give the birds a chance and you will eliminate one of the issues that stops them getting home
  8. Its kenny Buchanan's il text him and let him know
  9. Keep it at club level for marking the doos .the more people there the harder it is to manage
  10. Going to Florida next Thursday can not come quick enough to get a nice break from work and of for 19 days
  11. Just checked the weather forecast and there is a lot of mist and low cloud in the channel where the doos should cross over think Saturday looks far superior for doos crossing the water j mo
  12. Definitely no a wind for emptying the loft
  13. dava


    That doo might be mine Tommy IL check in the morning when I finish cheersD
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