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  1. Selling 1. Eight german nest boxes - 25 each or nearest offer. Very comfortable to use, clean etc. 2. Two separate lofts, 8ix6. The construction is made with very solid scantlings (it is not typical market shed which first stronger wind gonna pick up), good ventilation, aviary, both belgian traps included. Isolated from the ground. Possible to take also concrete slabs that are all around lofts. Lofts are dismantable and possible to transport but very heavy - min. 2 people to dismantle this. Reasonable offer can take it. Can send more pictures in private message as there is limit The best would be someone taking whole lot.
  2. Hi, 1. Sixteen german nest boxes looking for 25 pounds each nest box or nearest offer. Very comfortable to use, clean etc. 2. Two complete lofts 8x6 made with solid scantlings, double boarding, (inside, outside, this is not light type poor quality market sheds), good ventilation system. Included also about 1m x 1m aviary not visible on picture, and both belgian traps.Regardings lofts not easy to value, reasonable offer can take it.Nest boxes available now, lofts available in March/early April. Is it possible to dismantle lofts and transport but minimum 2 people as the construction is really solid and heavy. Selling due to moving abroad and can only take pigeons with me. Pick up West Lothian Nest boxes are 2 years old and lofts are build 3 years ago.
  3. Where are these located, could you send me an adress or phone number to them?
  4. Thanks for this! Do you know any local vets where I could buy it? In west lothian or falkirk/edi/glasgow. Prefer buy it in a vet rather than ordering it in a cool bag, I think it keeps only 12-24hrs and parcel could go much longer. I google the names given before but cannot find any adress/phone number.
  5. Ok, thanks Tommy I will have that in mind. One more thing as I need to give my pigeon faeces to examinate to vet. Does anyone know any local vet where I could give it to check? And probably buy vaccine by the way as don't know how it is with ordering online as it should be stored in proper temperature all the time so in fridge. I am looking for vet in West Lothian, if noone there then somewhere around Edinburgh/Glasgow. Thanks!
  6. Ok, thank you for your help! Solved
  7. Hello, where you ordering your vaccines for pigeons? Any websites or local somewhere? I am from West Lothian. Last year I brought from Poland but this time everything with non-EU etc. so customs and prefer to find something locally. Many thanks!
  8. Welcome everyone, I am writing in name of my father, he is 60 and living in council flat (actually he has large backgarden 25x10metres, half of which probably belongs to another flat which is located above him, it is also a council but I have spoke with this person and he have not a single issue about pigeon loft as he even not using or ever been in garden, my father always cut the grass and keep whole garden clean and tidy. I have asked in council and they have said that I will require a planning permission and have to pay 202£ fee and we will see. However few days ago I was reading through this forum and there was a topic in which someone has said that if I will build up a shed (which will be probably 2x2metres only as that is the only case when I do not require planning permission) and after that I can apply to council for keeping living animals so obviously pigeons and they will send notification letters to neighbours etc. But in some other website I have found that keeping pigeons in shed is prohibited and planning permission is required. I am non native so it is a bit harder for me to find out informations and go through process, my father is going to stay there just for less than 5 years as he is getting retired and then definitely return to Poland. He have many racing pigeons while living in Poland and he is in love with them since ever, he was starting in competitions every year and has a very good results in context of whole country so he was really on top. He is quite sad of not being allowed to having his own loft now, he wish to build up one by himself. But now I am confused if he need a planning permission to build up or not? He just wondering about quite small loft, even 2x2 would be enough just to make him happy. And once we built it up then he could apply for keeping pigeons by adapting shed. It's west lothian council if matters. https://www.westlothian.gov.uk/article/3043/Sheds-garages-greenhouses-and-other-outbuildings Here is stated if it is 4sq metres as this is flat it is not required. But in many others websites even this forum I have found that even a bigger sheds are not required to have a planning permission. If it is in wrong sub-forum please just move to the right place. Thank you.
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