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  1. To the Glasgow Rangers tonight.
  2. dun workin

    Y/b Strays

    Thanks for your help Fid,one for next year
  3. dun workin

    Y/b Strays

    21 L 1718 made it home today, where were they tossed?
  4. That's what I'm doing with my doos,Alf its up to you what yours do
  5. In these exceptional times,let's look after our doos, why jump 100 miles in attempts to get to the coast, I for one won,t be jumping my yearlings that far and that is my choice,let's take sensible jumps and see where we are in 4 weeks.
  6. Thanks Tommy,got the owner's name and number
  7. dun workin


    SU 19 AN 211 in today
  8. Doesn't matter how many it takes to mark doos, wee nippy ain't gonna change any thing regarding lockdown this week.
  9. Aye if you can get it in
  10. Need to put some meat back on them Tommy
  11. If it becomes a lockdown situation how will it go if you have to travel to your hut everyday.Take it you would need permission to be out.
  12. I only buy birds from a 20 mile radius around my loft,seems to work ok.
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