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where can you buy the one in your first post and how much? I know a metal fabricator and can try him to see if he can make it and what cost, as I also am interested in one similar to your picture


D&D Aviaries, not sure of the price for that size but I know the price for their small ones and it is extortionate !!!

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Ally is rust proof etc. and a must for endurance quality.


I have built mine right across the front 5 metre. 5'6'' high and 4 foot deep. Well perched. Of course it is still sectioned. They birds play up to each other of course, but can't get to each other. I have left it wired at the top too. Amazes me when they decide to go in from the elements. Some times, mostly, they will in real heavy down pours they stay out and take a shower.

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ive decided Brian, im going to have a go at making one myself ( no wood involved lol ) ill just copy the photo, what can go wrong lol.


There you are Derek, not a lot of money in the mesh, different sizes available too



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