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Computer Problems Network Isp

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I had problems with my computer - took it computer shop to get sorted.


Now I have different problems :emoticon-0179-headbang:


Internet connection keeps dropping out



Took it back to computer shop, who have tested it - used it on their internet and no problems - they did a speed test and it was 75Mbp download and I can't remember the upload - it was about 16Mbps I think


So he told me to do a speedtest when I got home - on my husband's laptop (wifi) and mine on the cable and on wifi

The test results are appalling - so what do I do next? Tackle my Internet provider


The tests results were:

Wifi Dowload speed - 14.8Mbps

Upload speed 0.92mbps


With the cable (which he said should be better)

Download - 1.66mbps :o

Upload - 0.90mbps


(incidentally I ordered a new ethernet cable before I did the tests in case it was faulty)

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Has taken BT about 6 weeks to sort mine and 4 engineers

download has always been 5.5 mbs to 6.0 mbs depending

on time of day

Flyer through door Infinity now in your area, telephoned

BT and asked what the extra cost would be £1.20 per month

for 20/22mbs and £34 for new hub

New hub fitted and email to say welcome to infinity

download speed under 6mbs at various times tested about 10 times

Spoke to BT AND YES HAD A LONG WAIT seems I had a line fault

1st engineer checked house you have 2 line faults

2nd engineer no line faults but you have batter on your line

3rd engineer there is still batter on this line

4th engineer there is a fault in your house

Turns out my phone line split for phone and computer coming into house

seems that's a no no

So now my phone line go's straight to computer first then a extension to phone

4th engineer said my download speed was 22mbs but testing myself 17mbs

Yip much better that 6mbs and what a difference in internet speed

Batter I am told is when 2 phone wire joints are too close :emoticon-0179-headbang::emoticon-0127-lipssealed:


Homer 49

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