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Peta Video On Racing Pigeons

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looks like they were under cover still in all we have to be careful i bought this back up just to point out that we have to be careful what we say on these threads lads just have a think about it as our own words can be used against us its up too every member to take responsibility on the words they choose to write as a mod im not going to going around editing posts or removing them that rarely happens on here and has not happened in a long time



help yourselfs lads thats all im saying

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Old and well past sale by date this.

I wonder why though any thoughts published on this site in regards broadcasting any way to combat them is frowned upon By Old Yellow and co and gets took off. What was it, Good publicity for them and not needed on a pigeon site.

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I believe still this has no place on here but is here to be a warning to others what sick n twisted people these are and the lengths they will go to ;) and the fact that 99% of the time pigeon fanciers are our own worst enemy ;)

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