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    Have passed on the top Lanarkshire bird which belongs to Andrew mcburnie.
  2. I think all the west pigeon men would prefer a race programme on the traditional route it makes sense,unfortunately the last few attempts have not gone too well!!!! I think frustration brings this question up most years not a lot too do with not learning!!! We all know the racing will be tough whatever route.
  3. Think we are all on a downer davie after another hammering,will find out more as we are doing the clocks at 11am.
  4. Good stuff stevie,do you think the solway will have many for next weeks national??
  5. Have spoken to 4 or 5 fanciers today and including myself none home today.
  6. Happy birthday paul and also my wife ann who shares today with your good self
  7. Well done all and special mentions for george,vic and jim from bonnybridge.
  8. Well done barclay,no surprise as they raced young birds in glasgow federation with these very same devastating results!!
  9. Have always used travipharma one spot but struggling to get it,any fanciers use this or similar and best place to get this????
  10. Well done david on a good win today.
  11. Fantastic laura and a great bronze for fellow scot Josh Kerr.
  12. We move on,let's hope for next weekends weather to be better.
  13. If anyone owns this I can give you vics phone no.
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