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West Of Scotland Amal


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would be a fantastic idea for PIGEONS in the West of Scotland, all the way to France if "me" had my way. But as you have just read, sadly senior officials of the Lanarkshire fed are more interested in token tickets and recognition for performances from inland races. Nothing wrong in appreciating great birds performing from any distance, but this is an opportunity that will be missed much to detriment of PIGEONS in west central Scotland shame really.

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dal i think the east coast route is in for its biggest battering ever this year why because theres less birds to attack with more of the feds going west at one time it was the safest route but not any more it now only seems the most easterly lofts get decent racing from the east route imo if birds are attacked in centre of the country they have a better escape route being able to go right or left and get back on the line of flight if there attacked on the east route the birds are pinned against the coast and can only go north or south and are never heard of again as its to far to work back when they are tired jmo so i hope the amal gets up and running with the people who are interested

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