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  1. Am sick of all these no it alls . How would you no how long it took the birds to clear. Where you there . No .
  2. George as you will have seen from my fb page I always do , so the members of the Fed can see it .
  3. I have read most of the posts on this thread, but some of it is just utter nonsense, I have taken videos of every SNFC liberation that I have been apart of to show the members, I have watched the video on numerous occasions, if the wind was so strong why are the tree,s in the background not moving. The reason we didn't liberate along wth the snrpc, we did not no they were planning on liberating at that time, and did not think the weather at that time was suitable. And I can assure you they use the same racepoint , as I have there lib video on my phone also , I am sure there was more to the bad race , if the weather at the time of liberation wasn't right the birds would have not went. As for incompetence and to many fingers in pies on race days if you think I take a week of work to be better off, your delusional,I have always taken my position as SNFC convoyer very seriously. But am sure if the birds were in the Lanarkshire transporter,s we wouldn't be having this conversation.
  4. K J Young


    Many you up to now
  5. K J Young

    Snrpc Reims

    What's that supposed to mean ?
  6. K J Young

    Snrpc Reims

    By what came out the transporter at liberation, I'd say about a hand full
  7. In with my youngsters this evening GB 15 F 47966
  8. SU 15 P 6640 came into me last week posted the wrong number.
  9. Sorry for the confusion it should be SU 15 P 6640
  10. In at my place today SU 15 P 6640.
  11. 3/4 for me , a wee bit of the pace , but happy with returns
  12. K J Young

    Chequ Hen

    Where abouts are you mate , would need to check ma book , think it belongs to Mr Sam McFadzean
  13. In today with my youngsters SU 15 L 5316 cheq w/f.
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