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  1. Where from Alan ? Or is that Dunfermline ?
  2. The West Durham Amalgamation are at wetherby again this weekend and are expecting an early liberation—-we will have two liberations as last week these birds will be traveling up the east dropping into Darlington and as far up as Newcastle and as far west as west Auckland ,staindrop ,consett and Hexham . Our oganisation will also have birds at Wakefield . Also travelling into the north east there will be new north Amal birds ,Durham combine and up north combine birds Best of luck —where are yours this Saturday ?
  3. Try ringing 07983612052 Annfield Plain club sec—Andrew brown
  4. Fantastic returns high 1500 day
  5. Second liberation at 7.10
  6. WDA are expecting to liberate at 6.30 this morning with a large liberation of young birds on their first race.
  7. Hi Davy keep an eye out for the NEHU birds it’s our first young bird race on sat and mine seem to be full of flying ,hope they don’t over shoot.
  8. The west Durham Amal are at Maidstone this weekend ,probable basketing on sat for Sunday race due to weather forecast . Would be interesting to see the NEHU and the su come together for a single lib from somewhere like Maidstone ,much better odds against the hawks.
  9. Nice morning wind died off to a breeze. Suns out ,high scattered https://ibb.co/yV3jg2F https://ibb.co/9WMnH8M
  10. Last one home no drama.
  11. Got two yesterday nothing this morning ,hopefully sitting when I get in at five.
  12. Yes ,liberated where su birds are libbed and wind farm all over tow law so kept going to wind mills then circling back so I left I beat them home by 10 mins two homed on their own few mins batch came ,4missing from 34 one more since so 3 to come —had a few short tosses but all a learning curve for them.
  13. First 10 mile toss https://ibb.co/DRq21FB https://ibb.co/XCJkzVG https://ibb.co/XyQxb2j https://ibb.co/61dYGcg https://ibb.co/pLv3bKt https://ibb.co/qgBshDg https://ibb.co/ZxS61RY https://ibb.co/Vj1Khv2 https://ibb.co/DDCtcQ9 https://ibb.co/LNgrYgf https://ibb.co/Pxb0jFz, Seems ok to put multiple pics on in one go. Tow law
  14. ovy1255

    Ring Reg

    Big brother do as your told —or else.
  15. https://ibb.co/yWvdkV7 https://ibb.co/nBTd1XR https://ibb.co/cJtsy4d, Blue sky’s
  16. Sunny in the. North east but at 8 I had the hens 30 mile away and was hazy but they still beat me home.
  17. Gold star for that young lady ,mine eat these readily as well as privet —I break twigs off and stick them in the lawn edge.
  18. https://ibb.co/xYr5ZTT https://ibb.co/sC4jdNY Try again
  19. Difference 30 mins makes https://ibb.co/sC4jdNY.
  20. https://ibb.co/9ssQGcz https://ibb.co/18x5M91 The leaves are like velvet to the touch ,young birds luv them
  21. https://ibb.co/K6r29gN Trying to get out ,birds away to catterick for first training toss 25 miles. Approx so just enjoying the quite moments.
  22. Wind blowing every thing about the garden in the north east —young birds left in shed this morning ,too many telephone wires around me
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