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    Amazing ken
  2. Had a whisper that our old transporters have not got Euro six engines and won’t be allowed abroad? Could this be channel racing put on hold ,anyone heard anything?
  3. I have been asked for info, Spring fair information Edition: 26th Spring Fair Date: 5, 6 and 7 March 2021 in Expo Houten Friday: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM Saturday morning: 8.30 am - 12.30 pm Saturday afternoon: 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Sunday: 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Entrance: € 13.00 per person per time frame Weekend card in name: € 30.00 Children up to 12 years free Tickets for sale online Available from February 2, 2021 Due to covid forward planning seems useless and have not had any info on any organised trips. Walkers seem to be providing their excellent service transporting from Belgium and the Netherlands and hoping brexit does not alter this ? I am planning to just order a few young birds myself as I like to try a few every year (with a bit of success in previous years ). Stay safe lads and hope you have a good Christmas and next year brings you some pleasant surprises ,from all at my house to all at your house all the best.
  4. pigeonfancier from Denmark User is online ullitspigeon Icon (IP: ) In Egg! (Newbie) Pip Add as Friend PM this member Group:Members Posts:16 Joined:13-October 09 AddMinus Warn Status Sent 16 September 2020 - 18:51 PM Hallo my name is Jacob Ullits i am 30 years old i have made a museum about racing pigeons i collect on all there have somethings to do with racing pigeons i have always been a big fan of English pigeonsport because English fancier have to race over then english canal will you help me with some pigeon things from your crontry i looking spicial after old clocks i will offcours pay the postcage to Denmark my ardess is Mr. Jacob Ullits skalhuse 33 9240 Nibe Denmark Pm I received
  5. Lads the weather was ok here right through to 3.15 when we had patchy rain ,rain at hq but none at mine . Weather ok with wind dropping to nothing then building up a breeze in my garden all day ,temp rising during day and was comfortable without a coat. Thought my birds were on fire—laid them off last week so got early start on training ,so had two catterick three bowburns and three 8mile hops with the birds really on form. Yesterday from Peterborough lib at 9.15 my 22 birds were on their way or were they ? They were clocked 24 mins behind club winner and six missing when I went to clocks one hour after clocking ——on return and during the afternoon I got four ,one minus some belly feathers so it hit the wires ,closing the loft at dusk I was still two adrift and none at ten next day but it is wet and drizzling . The race was approx 170 just over What I did notice was some of my birds had clarty feet been down for drink ,all returnees drank the drinker dry and some strays that came with mine and landed on house roof went straight to gutters before carrying on Club winner doing 1324ypm
  6. If raptors are our problem and as we don’t race all the year round ,would it not be wise to ban any of our members from flying birds out during the closed season to starve the raptors as well as getting together in an effort to reduce feral pigeons in and around us .this would remove possible food source. This season seems to have been about young bird losses and it’s not over—could there be another reason why our young birds not just in England but Scotland and Wales cannot navigate home . My best returns were from early liberations ,could this be when most folk are still in bed and their mobile 5g phone is on charge,just a thought.
  7. Not sure how to put video onto this site but have put it on face book under my name Terence Ovington.
  8. Strays put on wagon along with a few other guys that brought strays. Your driver done well holding till blue sky appeared and the birds cleared well heading north in one batch,good luck lads . Got a video but not sure how to put on site but here is a few pics https://ibb.co/TYf1pPW https://ibb.co/Ct18h5V https://ibb.co/NZX7N5Q https://ibb.co/HP31Jbz https://ibb.co/4jwF1kh https://ibb.co/MPFznFQ https://ibb.co/S3yqkv1 https://ibb.co/7pKcQJq https://ibb.co/hWKzZdL Temp was 10 degrees
  9. Has Doncaster old comrades been called off ?
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    Do you want this on transporter going to swalwell or transporter going to. Ripon
  11. Loads of places to go,Houten week end is one of the best times to go ,there is plenty of lads from Scotland England and Wales that organise trips for this week end but book early . Don’t know if the Irish lads will be going in 2021 but if they are John Hollinger is usually the organiser of the coach, useing mcavoy coaches. The weekend starts with a trip to hull for the overnight crossing to euro port or zebruge (spelling) arriving Friday morning. Each coach has different itinerary but usually start at Johan,s market at bevel football ground. (An organised sale of young birds from invited members that are racing at the highest level) then on to hotel and if your not too far away a presentation night with Johan and his club members ( chance to make some good contacts) So that is the start to the week end.
  12. Hello Sportfriend, Are you interested in hiring a stall or as a visitor? Pieter Kos From: Ovy1255@aol.com To: info@proffsport.nl Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2020 23:06:34 +0000 (UTC) Subject: [Contact] Map of floor plan and exhibitors for 2020 Terence Ovington verstuurde een bericht met het contactformulier op de website proffsport.nl. 2020 floor plan please. Contact info
  13. Sorted going to try and get it on transporter.
  14. swalwell just a few miles off me .
  15. Where will your transporter be liberating from this weekend so I can get it lifted nearer home.
  16. Bird in a village called cowie near sterling —post code FK7 7AF
  17. Can anyone help ? Club member not on computer has bird off today’s race picked up by young lady who keeps budgies in village near sterling ,need it putting on one of your transporters next week , you help ? Will get more info.
  18. Walker homing society Sec mr g Edwards — 07873609294
  19. Waited till six to let my young birds out and got two birds in ,more tomorrow if weather does not improve SU 20 p 3926– tel ring on 07425140025 SU 20 CA 714 will lib in morning weather permitting or Wednesday after thunder storms have cleared.
  20. WDA up in two libs from wetherby 6.20 and 6.40 been told that up north on site with 8 liberations .
  21. Was told you had bad returns last week end ,Geof was on about it at basketing tonight ,hope you had some turn in over the week .
  22. introduce clock to both bases to get race into base when racers home and it’s time to go to club ,reintroduce clock to both bases to collect info then take to club ,that is what I think will work ,will try it out tomorrow and let you know.
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