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  1. Training will commence this Saturday & Sunday then every Wednesday during the race programme weather permitting Usual pick up times and this is open to members however at the last pick up point ((Carstairs) if there is room then non members will be able to put their birds on Cost for first crate is £5 with each crate afterwards at £3 Liberation point will be Peebles Many thanks Andy
  2. Purchased youngsters from Roundo in previous seasons and 3 out of the 6 have won for me ( old bird racing) Andy
  3. Just an update on our sale, due to its success we are now planning to make a donation to NHS Lanarkshire as planned however we are also making a donation to the Macmillan Nurses as well. Once again many thanks to the vendors and purchasers plus the team of people behind the scenes Andy
  4. Only Mr A.Graham now needs to contact Robert Wilson with regards to his lots Many thanks Andy
  5. Could Mr Copeland Mr A.Graham (Kilmarnock) Chrissyboy Please contact Robert Wilson to allow payment to be made for their oats Many thanks Andy
  6. It is the best race programme that the committee could put in place taking into account no current access to France. Just for once it would be nice I’f some of the people who take pot shots at others hard work for them to take a turn at taking the sport forward.
  7. Apologies one tweak to the sale lot 30 finished at £70 for L.Burn
  8. This the updated list at 19:00 and I would ask that payment is made via the guidance in the original post
  9. Folks as stated earlier I will review all bids and post a completed list of all successful bids tomorrow I am sorry that some individuals feel the sale was a shambles but from my perspective we set out the guidelines at the start of the sale, however as the sale progressed bids were received by several methods and as such to be fair to all bidding I have taken note of phone calls , texts and posts on basics Like everything we do in life there are always lessons to be learned however it is disappointing to see inappropriate comments being posted but you can’t please everyone Once again I would like to take this opportunity to thank all vendors and fanciers who have given a financial donation, thanks to all fanciers who have placed a bid and a special thanks to pigeonbasics for allowing this sale to go ahead. On behalf of Kirkfieldbank & Larkhall members many thanks Andy
  10. Auction now closed and on behalf of the Kirkfieldbank and Larkhall members we wish to thank vendors for their kind donation along with several monetary donations from fanciers and fanciers who have been biding over the past week I will now collate and post the list of successful bids Many thanks Andy
  11. Lot 12 £80 A.Richardson Lot 7 £320 A.Richardson
  12. Lot 7 £240 L.Burn Lot 12 £70 L.Burn Lot 30 £70 L.Burn Lot 26 £50 J.Callan Lot 7 £250 L.Burn
  13. Lot 1 150 Tommy Lot2 45. Jimjam07 Lot3 60 T.Quinn Lot 4 60 McCormack Lot5 40 Dunc50 Lot 6 50 A.Suckle Lot 7 220 Tommy Lot 8 30 Aidrie2 Lot9 25 B.Campbell Lot10 30 airdrie2 Lot11 30 D.Graham Lot12 50 L.Burn Lot13 30 B.Campbell Lot14 25 B.Campbell Lot15 Lot16 50 McCardle Lot17 30 aidrie2 Lot18 60 Brian.P Lot19 25 W.Watson Lot20 25 airdrie2 Lot 21 30 P.Martin Lot 22 30 W.Watson Lot 23 W.Lacon Lot24. 30 A.Suckle Lot 25 20 W.Semple Lot 26 Alf Lot 27 20 Tamd Lot 28 20 W.Lacon Lot 29 20 Novice Lot 30 50 L.Burn Lot 31 Lot32 30 Jimjam07 Lot 33 30 W.Watson
  14. not long now until 19:00 and please note there will be no bids accepted after this time so if you want a lot put your best bid on it, life is too short for regrets Many thanks to all the bidders so far and there are still many lots at very good prices That’s the new update as of 25th April at 08:37 That’s the new update as of 25th April at 08:37 Lot 11 £30 D.Graham
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