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  1. Hi Andy , the owner is getting it collected tomorrow Cheers Albert
  2. Hi Ive just got an SU in tonight 21 TR 214 I'm at Blaydon Burn which is only bout 4 miles from Prudhoe if you want to collect this one as well
  3. In tonight at Blaydon on Tyne
  4. Cheers Andy My ybs got caught in with the ones lib at Darlington on Thursday--got the last one back just before 6pm
  5. Any Scottish feds racing midweek in the week coming up ?
  6. In at Blaydon on Tyne Dropped in yesterday afternoon Cheers A Jones
  7. Came in this afternoon Can maybe get it a lift back on Tuesday if not Ayrshire Fed are at Swalwell next Saturday and I'll put it on their wagon If the owner wants anything different done let me know Cheers
  8. No problem He's onboard and on the way back
  9. Been down to watch the liberation--perfect conditions and they cleared well Good luck all
  10. Another one in this afternoon --again I will get it put on the Almond Valley transporter at Swalwell in the morning Cheers A Jones
  11. Can someone inform the owner that their red cheq cock dropped in here this morning and that I will get it put on Almond Valley transporter when they are at Swalwell either tomorrow or Monday If they don't want it put on the transporter contact me on 07505420384 Regards A Jones Blaydon on Tyne
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