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  1. Walter many thanks for your post and I placed a post on pigeonbasics advising people that there were a number of Lanarkshire birds in south Lanarkshire ( at Brian’s) we didn’t know who were the owners and have been trying to identify the fanciers . A few colleagues have made contact with myself to arrange collection so it’s been a slog but as you say Brian is a gent
  2. Darnaway


    Basketing Thursday for Friday at Alnwick
  3. Clydesdale Mid Week club are potentially racing from Eyemouth this Tuesday weather permitting Kind Regards Andy
  4. Well done Mr Watson top result
  5. Darnaway


    Birds liberated at 10:00 in a light North wind good luck all
  6. Darnaway

    In Today

    This bird came in today at my loft in Law , South Lanarkshire
  7. Apologies but the loft is now spoken for but thanks for the interest
  8. Loft is now spoken for but thanks for the interest ðŸ‘
  9. 24x9 Petron loft , needs some remedial work to a couple of areas however apart from that in decent condition I need the loft dismantled and removed from site during the second week in September as looking to start the foundations for new loft As it’s free ( Aviary not included) this will be on a first come basis Pm me if interested
  10. Training will commence this Saturday & Sunday then every Wednesday during the race programme weather permitting Usual pick up times and this is open to members however at the last pick up point ((Carstairs) if there is room then non members will be able to put their birds on Cost for first crate is £5 with each crate afterwards at £3 Liberation point will be Peebles Many thanks Andy
  11. Purchased youngsters from Roundo in previous seasons and 3 out of the 6 have won for me ( old bird racing) Andy
  12. Just an update on our sale, due to its success we are now planning to make a donation to NHS Lanarkshire as planned however we are also making a donation to the Macmillan Nurses as well. Once again many thanks to the vendors and purchasers plus the team of people behind the scenes Andy
  13. Only Mr A.Graham now needs to contact Robert Wilson with regards to his lots Many thanks Andy
  14. Could Mr Copeland Mr A.Graham (Kilmarnock) Chrissyboy Please contact Robert Wilson to allow payment to be made for their oats Many thanks Andy
  15. It is the best race programme that the committee could put in place taking into account no current access to France. Just for once it would be nice I’f some of the people who take pot shots at others hard work for them to take a turn at taking the sport forward.
  16. Apologies one tweak to the sale lot 30 finished at £70 for L.Burn
  17. This the updated list at 19:00 and I would ask that payment is made via the guidance in the original post
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