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  1. Good stuff mate and to all that did not get involved in the previous games get your selfs involved ðŸŒðŸŒðŸŒ
  2. His signings this season have been disastrous shocking stuff when the didy teams are even beating us expletive remove :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  3. Time Warbs was getting the bump
  4. Good luck mate hope you have a great first season :emoticon-0167-beer:
  5. No I would take action,not treating and then if that was the case well yes
  6. Celtic done well tonight 2 going on 10 but what can you actually expect it's Barcalona best club team in the world,
  7. Have never treated in 11 years they must get over anything they get them selfs
  8. Another way to look at it would be compared to club racing if the giving club only have prize tickets for the first 3 positions should the club result only consist of the first 3 birds as I said I don't really care I just think it would encourage new fanciers to send to these races
  9. Theirs a difference from winning a sectional place and having your bird on the result where everyone can see that it did not win a sectional place,the winning birds remain the winners so it's not a big deal to me,it does not alter the result so see no problem with it.
  10. The sectional positions should not be diluted but birds timed should be mentioned on the result without a position assigned,encourages fanciers to send and gives fanciers that would not normally send a wee bit of recognition if they manage to get a bird in race time.dont have a problem with that
  11. VMS

    Andy Murray

    He's a cert for a knighthood,Wullie and Kate love him
  12. VMS


    Brill the way the other wan looks like you weirdo and walks away
  13. VMS

    Andy Murray

    100% no disputing it now Del,Super Andy best in the business :emoticon-0167-beer:
  14. Or just spend some ov your money Walter and get a tree surgeon to deal with it. :emoticon-0136-giggle:
  15. VMS


    Great pigeon ,great photo Well done George. :emoticon-0167-beer:
  16. You have the right to cut any part of the tree that over hangs your garden,copper nails also hammered into base will kill the tree
  17. Surley you cannot be making comparisons towards the Scotland team,Spain has dominated for 2 decades while Scotland has failed in 2 decades or even 2 games for that matter. :lol:
  18. Plastic bins with the lids mate as Kojak says hold 60KG no problem
  19. For a nation with a population of under 5 million we have shaped the world with inventions industrial,technologies and medical,we have have probably been one of the most successful country's in the world in sports achievements over the years when you take in the size of our population,but we seem to have stalled over the last 18 years at football.but a lot to be proud of for such a small nation.
  20. VMS

    Proud Granda

    Congratulations Davy/Granda
  21. Ricky Burns 3 weight world champion
  22. Am blaming the SFA and Gordon Striken he should never have been allowed a second term after the last failure.nations under us are achieving so no excuses no hiding place striken is not the man for the job,if he does not do the honourable thing and resign then he should be sacked tomorrow
  23. Hope Scotland can pull off a shock tonight but my heads saying 3/1 England.
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